Our Equipment

Our range of equipment is only available for hire with our own skilled operators.

Fendt 1050

Komatsu PC 138 Zero tail swing 360°

Equipped with full under and over forestry protection. Heavy duty track, blade for stability on bank work, and fully automatic fire extinguisher system. This is the Ideal machine for oversize willow coppice.


  • Bracké accumulating cutting head for cutting multi stem trees and toping trees.
  • Engcon tilt rotator with log grab and saw for felling large trees or sectionally felling good strength and flexibility.
  • 14” Dymax tree shear
  • 20" Saw grab
  • FAE mulcher
  • Full range of grabs and buckets

Fendt 828 65km tractor with under body forestry protection

  • 10T Boughton winch
  • Heavy duty FAE mulcher
  • 20T hook loader trailer with a selection of chip bodies, muck bodies, timber bodies all fitted with low ground pressure tyres
  • Front mounted Road Sweeper
  • Fransgard 6 way grader

Fendt 939+ Komptech Crane Fed Chipper

  • High output - up to 40 tonnes an hour
  • Full range of screens for various biomass needs
  • Large built in wood cracker
  • Epslion L100 Crane
  • Infeed 1200mm x 700mm
  • Low Ground pressure tyres

Ponsse WISENT Forwarder 8X8 Vehicle

  • 8 Wheel drive
  • 12m long reach crane
  • Specialist vehicle to haul timber leaving minimal damage to the forest floor